Wedding at Tenuta Acquaviva

Enrica & Michele have pronounced their yes at Tenuta Acquaviva in Travagliato, Brescia

I’ve met Enrica in 2015 at a wedding. She was and still is a Wedding Planner in Verona and I couldn’t be happier when she confessed to me that she always thought of me as a photographer for her wedding with Michele. I was honored to be able to participate and to work for them, moreover because Michele is also a fellow videomaker and wedding photographer. Despite the shift of the date due to the pandemic that hit us, Enrica and Michele still managed to keep their wedding in the autumn of 2020, getting married with a symbolic ceremony on the terrace of Tenuta Acquaviva, wedding location in Brescia. The reception and catering were followed by Mariuccia Eventi and the whole event took place in this beautiful location, from the bride and groom’s getting ready to the evening dances. Enrica fell in love with the dining room at first sight, and she thought it best to decorate the tables with Pampas branches that matched perfectly with the tropical atmosphere that enveloped the room, making everything magical. I leave you with the most representative photos that I have hardly chosen among the hundreds delivered with the wedding photo shoot. Enjoy.