Wedding at Relais Villa Lina, Rome

Courtney & Matthew’s wedding video in Relais Villa Lina, Rome


Courtney and Matthew are a beautiful couple from USA who chose Italy as their wedding destination, more precisely “Relais Villa Lina“, a wedding venue in Rome, very close to Lake Vico. Rome is full of locations to get married: there is the famous Castello di Torcrescenza, a historic residence, Villa Aurelia built in 1600, Villa Miani and Villa Piccolomini. I could list many others, but in the end the magic become from the eternal city with its basilica of San Pietro, the Colosseum and the famous Trevi fountain. However, this Relais has a magical atmosphere, because of this very characteristic greenhouse which has also welcomed the filming of Paolo Sorrentino‘s last television spot for Campari. Don’t miss this TV spot! I really like this venue because of it’s light blue pastel color and because it’s a tiny and cute building, surround by a big forest of pines and other typical italian trees. We were in two videographer and one photographer. The wedding was divided in two days, the rehearsal dinner the day before, and the real wedding the day after. This is Courtney and Matthew’s wedding trailer, where emotions didn’t missed.

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