Kristina & Johannes / Wedding in Villa Cà Vendri, Verona


The first days of October. The beginning of a new family starts in an Italian Venue, Villa Cà Vendri, in Verona. Johannes from Germany and Kristina from United States have chosen Italy to get married. Kristina confessed me that years ago she visited Rome and fell in love with such ancient city, its monuments and buildings, and she was overwhelmed by the beauty of Italy as one of the oldest countries in the world. Inspired by this strong sentiment I wanted to give my utmost professionalism to this sweet couple of spouses documenting every little detail during the full day of their wedding starting by the location, Villa Cà Vendri, a classic example of antique Roman architecture, where Kristina and Johannes had a romantic civil ceremony in the park of the villa and ended up with a spectacular dinner on a unique long table under arches full of good Italian food and emotional talks of family and friends.

I hope these images will be printed and jealously kept in some drawer or on a shelf in in their cosy home in Vienna where the little Maria, daughter of Kristina and Johannes, will one day comprehend how deep and intense the love of Dad and Mom has always been.