Josie & Richard / Wedding in Malcesine | Garda lake


I knew Richard and Josie when they contacted me for their wedding. After our first Skype call, we met in Verona at the end of March. They came to visit the city and the castle of Malcesine on the Garda Lake, location where they’ll get married. The wheather was beautiful, so we organized a photographic engagement shooting in the streets of the city of Verona and near the Adige, passing between Piazza Bra and Ponte Pietra, ending in Piazza delle Erbe where we gave ourselves a drink toghether as well Josie and Richard have tasted a good Spritz for the first time. I love this job because it allows me to meet new people from all over the world, and because each wedding is a unique story to tell. These nice guys have been preparing in “Casa Guarnati” (Malcesine) and then get married in a civil ceremony on the marvelous castle of Malcesine, with a breathtaking view. Subsequently to the wedding, the bride and the groom, guests and us, we had a boat trip on the lake coming up the other side near Limone. It has been a fantastic ride, and the day could not have gone better! I’m happy to introduce to you a few pics of the photo shoot of their marriage. Enjoy!