Keyword: Spontaneity. No one will have to tell you what to do on your wedding day!

When I meet the engaged couples who are getting married and are looking for a wedding photographer in Italy, the first thing that they told to me is: “Mario, we do not like being photographed“, or “look, I’m not photogenic“. It is a theme that unites many people, I myself would feel embarrassed in front of a camera. You will see, however, that after five minutes from my arrival you will forget my presence, and between a laugh and a glass of prosecco with your friends, you will not pay any attention to it.

My work method is focused on discretion. From the getting ready to the night party I will be ready to capture all the most emotional moments in the most spontaneous way possible. No absurd poses or forced smiles, there’s nothing worse than having fake or constructed memories, so I’ll take a ‘reportage‘ in a simple and natural way. The day of your wedding is a day of celebration and serenity that you have carefully organized in detail and waited anxiously, so no one will have to tell you what to do!



Often, the getting ready’s photographs are the images that convey the most emotion of all because they contain the tension of waiting, reminding you exactly the sensations felt at that precise moment!

The getting ready are an indispensable moment to start telling the story of your wedding with photographs. It is a very intimate moment, for this reason it must be approached with great delicacy. I will capture with my camera all the most important details such as the wedding dress, shoes and rings, rather than the wedding stationary and wedding invitations, and then focus on your preparation. Mine is a very simple and not intrusive approach, I will limit myself to photographing you while your mother or your witness will close the buttons or raise the zipper of your dress, while you arrange the tie and your best friend or your father will help you to wear the wedding jacket, nothing more… Often the photographs of the getting ready are the images that convey the most emotion of all because they contain the tension of waiting, reminding you exactly the sensations felt at that precise moment.



The ceremony is the most important moment of your wedding, for this reason you need experience to understand how and when to move in the church or in the place where it takes place.

The bride’s entry with her father is one of the most important photographs that I take and it’s too a good moment to not to be caught. Very beautiful also the image of the groom while he sees the bride walk the nave of the church to reach it, the expression on the face is indescribable, for this I care so much to have it!

You will be the protagonists, it will be your moment and surely you will not want to feel lit up every five seconds by the harsh lights of the photographer’s flashes, but don’t worry, I work always and only with natural light! That said, I will focus on your wedding promises and the exchange of rings, which is the most important moment of all.


Images of guests, your parents, relatives and friends will not miss, and views of the church as well that I personally would like to have, since it is the place where I married. Everything you can’t see because it will be behind you, you will find it in the wedding photo shoot that I will give to you.

After the celebration, if you have pleasure I will take some ‘classic’ photos with your families and your witnesses, otherwise we can do them without any problem even at the reception. My job will also be to remind you of all these little tricks so as to avoid forgetting about it.

When you leave the church or the hall of the ceremony, your guests will throw you the rice. I recommend, given the large advance, to suggest them the purchase of rice without starch so as not to dirty the dress with small white stripes. I suggest even the purchase of colorful confetti, much ‘lighter’, harmless and beautiful to see even on a photographic level! That said, I will be ready to immortalize you in an explosion of colors and smiles!

Fotografo matrimonio Lago di Gardalancio-riso-fotografo-matrimonio-verona


We will take photographs that will keep alive and tangible over time the memory of a moment when you were beautiful.

Portraits are one of those moments when you can switch off and stay alone for 20-25 minutes. I love this part of the day where I capture all your beauty on the most important day of your life. Don’t be scared, it will not be a 90’s photographic book where you’ll have to assume embarrassing poses and smile for pretend. I will simply ask you to take a walk hand in hand, I will play with you and make you feel at ease, then I’ll shoot the photographs that will keep of you the memory of a beautiful young couple, happy and in love, those same photos that one day your children will take in hand, and looking at them they will say: “When I’ll  grown-up, I want to be as beautiful as my mother, or as beautiful as my dad!



Guests and friends, the party and the first dance

The reception is a moment of joy where you eat, drink and celebrate. I will take photographs to tell everything that happens between you and the guests, without disturbing anyone during the course. You can take group photos with the guests at the tables because I will always be available. If you have also organized an evening party I will capture the atmosphere of fun between dances, lights and music.



All your photos in high resolution and 10 minutes slideshow video

When I’ll finish the post-production of the work I will contact you immediately. You will be given a USB flash drive containing all the high resolution wedding photo shoot ready for printing without overlapping logos or signatures. In addition, I will add a 10-minute video slideshow for you with the most beautiful and representative photographs of your wedding day, so that you can watch it on TV at any time or place, such as at a dinner at your friends house.

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You will then be able to commission me a wedding album or a box of prints. If you are undecided about whether to do it or not, I would like to express my thoughts about it. By making a metaphor, we can compare your wedding to a pyramid. You start to build it a long time ago, looking for the various wedding vendors, planning the exact timing of every little detail of the day, you thought about a thousand things and made many sacrifices. You have gradually built this pyramid in the best possible way, brick by brick, and in the end you finally can got to the top. I would like to compare the wedding album to the tip of this pyramid that completing it, giving it that importance and strength that will accompany it in the time that will come.

album fotolibro fine-art matrimonio

You have organized an unforgettable wedding of which you were the protagonists, you have managed to gather relatives and friends all together on the same day and you have experienced emotions that can’t be described in words, and all this has been documented and photographed to never be forgotten. So why after all this effort, we just keep our memories in a forgotten hard drive in the desk drawer?

The wedding photographs should be printed, taken in hand, smell the paper, only in this way we can again immerse ourselves in the memories of that very special day, only in this way we can experience the sensations we experienced there. Print an album or a wedding book and leave a memory to those who will come after you!

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Se volete conoscermi di persona per capire se potrei essere il vostro fotografo di matrimonio, scrivetemi subito! Organizzeremo un incontro senza impegno e ci berremo un caffè insieme!


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