My name is Mario Casati, I’m a professional wedding photographer base in Verona, a city that I discovered to be really full of resources. I grew up healthy and positive, bread, milk and sports were the base of every my day. I was lucky enough to grow up in a complete family, which taught me the values of life, like freedom and respect for yourself and for others. I matured fairly quickly, giving pretty soon priority to things useful for my future and instead discarding the superfluous ones.

I first learned to listen and then to filter the words to assimilate only what I thought was right for me.

I learned to well spend my time only with interesting people who could give me something positive.

I understood that to find new opportunities you should keep your mind wide open, just in this way you can perceive how the world works.

My experience have taught me the importance of communication between people as a fundamental element to develop projects and let them properly works. If there is no dialogue, your ideas will be like matches that sooner or later will go out.

I understood that to archive your goals you need to know who you are and which is your direction in life.  “No wind is favourable to the sailor who doesn’t know in which port to land”. I learned WHO and what to observe and in the end I learned to observe from the viewfinder of a camera. Photography became part of my life when I realised that with the camera I could express myself, telling stories from my personal point of view. Stories of people, everyday stories, stories of love. Research the geometry of lines and spaces, the spontaneity of a unique smile that will never be repeated in the same way in time and space. A walk in the tall grass, wind in the hair, a look, some hands that caress, a breathtaking view. What I want to capture with my shots is the naturalness of real emotions, the best moments and those that will not be repeated any more, and this is what makes a photographer, nothing more, nothing less.


Behind the logo

Nothing is improvised or left to chance, as it’s the logo that represents my hand and the one of Marina my partner in life. Both lovers of the sea, we met and we started to date in Sardinia, the beach was our daily meeting place.

Wedding photographer in Verona, Garda lake, Como lake, Venice and Tuscany