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"Simplicity, elegance, light. Three elements that are part of my photography, but also of my life"

Mario Casati Italy wedding photographer


Born and raised in Verona, the lovely city of Romeo and Juliet, I've spent over a decade photographing people.

I'm a professional Fine-art wedding photographer and videographer and my speciality is documenting weddings and events across Italy for sophisticated and high-end international clientele. I’m definitely a lucky boy because I grew up in a family that taught me the main values ​​of life such as freedom and respect, for myself and for others.

Before wedding photography became my job, I worked a few years as graphic designer building a solid foundation in communication & advertising. As a good Italian I’ve always had passion for fashion and design, surely inherited from my grandma with whom I had a great affinity. I’ve always loved simplicity, elegance and minimalism, trying to apply these concepts to my works. I love listening to music, from rap to the 60s Italian movies, better if on vinyl on my turntable, because the stylus noise is that detail that makes a big difference for me.

When I can I travel, to discover new places, cultures, foods, alternating abroad with the "great beauty" of my country’s cities that I never get tired of visiting, such as Venice, Florence, Siena, Rome and many others. Brightness is what distinguishes my photographs: I was born in Italy, so sunlight is the element that I can never miss. For me, photographing is expressing myself, it’s not a job but an addiction and when I print a photograph on fine-art paper it’s a great satisfaction.

Italian Destination wedding photographer
Florence / Venice / Tuscany / Amalfi Coast / Lake Como